Sizing & Weight

American Mini Pig, and Juliana Mini Pig is what we breed here at Three Little Pigs!

The American Mini Pig and Juliana Pig is thought and known to be the SMALLEST breeds of pig today! These breeds have been selectively bred over many generations for a small size and distinct composition. Read more about the American Mini Pig here:


The American Mini Pig is now recognized as a breed in itself, but back in it's lineage some breeds include the Juliana, Pot Bellied, Kune Kune, Gottingen, Hanford Miniature Swine, Ossabaw Island Pig to name a few. There are over 14 mini pig breeds, to learn more about miniature pig breeds, please follow this link:

All breeds of pigs make great indoor or outdoor pets in Canada, however in some situations the large size of a pig may be unrealistic as a pet and this is what makes miniature pet pigs ideal for most people.  Mini pigs have made it possible for pigs to be introduced to many more households - as size is no longer a limitation.  If size is an issue to you, it is very important to do your due diligence in researching the breeder of your Miniature Pig.  Do not be swayed by the term Teacup Pig, Pixie Pig, Micro Pig, Royal Dandie Pig so on, these are just MISLEADING MARKETING TERMS some breeders choose to use. It impossible that any pig stay small enough to fit into a teacup or even a teapot for that matter!

Any pig that is 150 pounds or less is considered a mini pig.  WOW, I know right! Our piggies are small, but they are not teeny tiny wee little pigs that fit into a cup and saucer!

Pigs are not considered fully matured in size until approximately 5 years.  However, the primary growth period of a Mini Pig is within the first two years of their life.

It's important not to get hung up on the weight of a pig because pigs have a much higher density of weight (approximately three times) compared to dogs and other animals - they are a very 'thick' animal.

When looking for a piggy, it is best to have an ideal height and length in mind, as opposed to ideal weight.

Many breeders stretch the truth about the parent’s size and age. If what you are reading on a breeder's site sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Our mini pigs are some of the smallest in Canada, yet they are still larger than most of the pictures that can be viewed online coined an“adult Mini Pig”  (the size of a pop can ?!?!?) Sure they do come out that way… but they will grow!

And remember, we welcome you to come meet our pigs personally! Your piglet's full-grown size will be in the range of the parent's size, usually. In saying this, diet and nutrition play a vital role in the maintenance of a healthy long-lived pet pig.  Although the bone structure will most likely be of similar size between litter-mates, diet DRASTICALLY influences the size of your Mini Pig. 

Our pigs are between the height ( at shoulder) of 14-16 inches. As for weigh, well they all range. Just like humans everyone has a different build and body composition. Some of our lighter pigs may be around the 50 pound mark, but this isn't the norm and is considered VERY light in the mini pig world. Our larger VERY muscled un-neutered males may be around the 80+ pound mark. That being said we can lift all of our pigs IF need be. Please see the "Meet the Parents" page for details on our pig parents. 

Teacup, micro, dandie, nano pig? These are just misleading terms that some breeders have used to market their pigs.  They are NOT specific breeds, or size categories. Unfortunately this leads to confusion and misinformation to potential Mini Pig owners. There is not a universally established standard using these terms, so BE AWARE of breeders using them.