momma pig

Oh the weather outside...

Good Morning!

Today we woke up to ANOTHER freezing rain day! WOOOO.... Buses cancelled, childcare cancelled so today is already off to a great start. Anyway, with a big cup of coffee in hand off to the chores and tend to the piggies...and the ice.

Its amazing how tough these little guys are; despite the rain they are DETERMINED to stick to their routine. After scarfing down their breakfast inside they are whining at their gates to be turned out! In a careful little, single-filed line they make the short trek to the yard. Immediately realizing the rain and ice they book it to their houses to snack and snuggle in the hay! Of course I can't help myself and take a minute to socialize with them - their cuteness is just too much sometimes!

Usually THE FIRST question we get about our pigs is "How big are they?" or "How much do they weigh?". Why is that?! Shouldn't it be "What are their temperaments?" or "Are your pigs well socialized and friendly?". I know size is definitely a factor BUT temperament should be #1! We are really proud of our piggies, with their superb temperaments AND size.

What many people need to be mindful of, is that Mini pigs are a miniature version of a very large (600-1000+) pound animal! So a 100 lb pig IS a small pig and is surely miniature. Do "Teacup Pigs" or "Pixie Pigs" exist that would mature to the size of a chihuahua? NO! One wouldn't expect a mini horse to be the size a small dog so what's the difference with respect to a pig? Okay, enough of a rant for today lol.     

As you can see from these videos, we think that a well tempered and social pig is of the utmost importance. After all, they are pets! They love petting and social time (and of course "snacking on hay time") with us and are ALL forever pets here.


Above: THE GIRLS (in order of appearance) Poppy, Annie, Luna & Cocoa

 Above: Kevin <B


Jessica xo