Ethical Practices  

Choosing a Mini Pig breeder can be a daunting and challenging process.  Many breeders have unrealistic and outrageous claims about general breeding practices, including the parents sizing, temperament and health. As a result of these unethical breeding practices, many pig parents end up with a pig perhaps much larger than expected and too often these wonderful piggies end up unwanted, homeless and in shelters or rescues.

*We are happy to announce that we are a Registered Breeder with the American Mini Pig Association. This association holds the highest of standards for breeders to follow, aiding in the positive progression of the Mini Pet Pig.*


We feel fully obligated to be an open, honest and a  transparent Mini Pig Breeder, to ensure that potential Mini Pig adopters know exactly what they are getting into when adopting a pig from Three Little Pigs.  We hold high standards when placing our Mini Pigs into homes, so as not to contribute to homelessness of pigs. If at any point an adopter from Three Little Pigs is unable to care for their pig, we will take back your piggy - no questions asked, but there will, of course, be no refund for the take back.      

Here is a general guide in determining if a Mini Pig breeder is a reputable and honest breeder:

Sizing Terms- Beware of breeders using sizing terms such as Teacup, Dandie, Nano, Pixie. They may have small pigs, but be aware that properly nourished piglets will grow to the size of his/her parents.

Sizing Guarantee- Breeders will have a pretty good estimate about piglets size from parent pigs, but no Mini Pig breeder can be 100% sure about the exact growth of every individual.  A size guarantee should raise a HUGE red flag

Updated Images & Updates- Generally, an honest Mini Pig Breeder will have true and updated pictures of parent pigs. If their website/social media has NO recent pictures or updates this may be a concern and something to look into. It is possible that that breeder may be busy and not have updated recently, but always ask for recent pictures of the parents when considering adopting one of their piglets.

“Cheap” prices- Be aware of breeders selling their pigs for a very low price. There is do doubt that there is a price range for Mini Pigs according to size and colour. A reputable breeder is Canada will generally alter all piglets before homing or have a strict contract to follow. Thus a reputable breeder selling an intact Mini Pig for breeding will charge a premium price, usually ranging in the $2500-$4500 range. If you see an unaltered Mini Pig priced way outside this range BEWARE of this breeder!

Also, an altered pig is a WAY better pet. An unaltered male will try to “mount” almost anything in his sight and a female comes into heat approximately every 21 days.

In Person Visits- All reputable breeders of Mini Pigs in Canada will allow and invite you to visit the parent pigs and surroundings in person. If you are feeling that there is hesitation from a breeder about visiting there is probably a reason! If you are unable to visit in person, ask for video footage or something similar if you wish! At Three Little Pigs we are more than happy to provide this if you can’t come and see us in person.

Vet Check- It is a good idea for a piglet before homing to have had the seal of approval from a vet! Your piglet should have been dewormed and have a record of any of other vet care.

Health Guarantee- It is always a good idea for a Mini Pig to come with a health guarantee. At Three Little Pigs, your new piggy will come with a year health guarantee and a lifetime of support!

There is A LOT to learn about the world of Mini Pigs, and finding a reputable breeder. We can’t emphasize enough- DO YOUR RESEARCH ! 

Please see the “About Us” section for specifics about our breeding practices.


To learn more what it takes to be a Registered Breeder with the American Mini Pig Association, please see the following link: