Fun Facts About Pigs as Pets

If you are wondering why one would want to keep pigs as pets, here are twenty reasons why pigs make great pets:

1.   Pigs are the 3rd smartest animal alongside dolphins and chimpanzees

2.   Pigs are hypoallergenic

3.   Pigs don't sweat, so they need to wallow and bathe in water or mud to cool them down

4.   Pigs are smart and with a little food encouragement they can learn many tricks

5.   Pigs are actually very clean animals, they will not go to the bathroom where they eat/sleep

6.   Piglets will choose a teat and will always go back to the same one

7.   Pigs gestation period is 3 month, 3 weeks, 3 days

8.   Pigs can swim

9.   Pigs are very social and enjoy the company of each other (recommend buying in pairs)

10. The baby pigs’ mother sings to them when they are nursing through a series of soft, rhythmic grunting

11. Pigs have the ability to solve complex problems

12. Pigs can dream

13. Pigs have very good memories and don’t forget easily

14. Pigs understand and comprehend their own names

15. Pigs feel emotions and know the feelings of love, hate and forgiveness

16. Pigs learn from watching one another and also from watching us humans

17. Pigs have a keen sense of direction and can find their way home from a great distance

18. Pigs are a prey animal but they learn trust from humans

19. Pigs excel at video games that are difficult for a young child and sometimes they do better than the primates

20. Pigs have been tested and found to be smarter than an average 3-5 year-old child