Other Care

Health Issues

Mini Pigs are generally healthy, however on occasion, your piggy may become sick. Outlined are just a few more common ailments a Mini Pig parent may find.


There is NO disputing that any pig LOVES to eat! It is essential that a healthy weight is maintained in your Mini Pig as this in imperative to a healthy long-lived pig. Overfeeding your Mini pig will be less “mini”, but with any species, obese individuals tend to have more overall health problems.

Urinary Tract Infection:

Urinary tract infections may occur in your Mini Pig, and is more frequent in males than females. This is a very treatable issue, especially if caught early. Some symptoms may include change in urination frequency, odor, and color, decreased appetite, lethargy or irritability. If a UTI is suspected please consult a veterinarian. 


Occasionally your Mini Pig may get constipated. This can be caused by a number of things such as not drinking enough fluids. Constipation can be quite uncomfortable so if your pig is “slowed-down” it is advised to help them out a bit. This can usually be mediated by feeding your Mini Pig some 100% pre canned or baked pumpkin along with encouraging water intake. If your pig has not defecated in 2 hours see a vet.

Skin Problems:

Some skin problems that you my run into with your Mini Pig can include dry skin, sunburn and on occasion mange mites.

Dry skin can be mediated and usually prevented by a regular application of Coconut Oil

If you adopt a Mini Pig that is lighter in colour, he or she may be more sensitive to the sun. A sunscreen may be applied prior to an extended sun exposure, for example a longer walk.

Mange mites will leave you pig itchy- leaving them wanting to scratch on anything and everything they can.  Sarcoptic mange mites, which is the most common in swine can be easily treated and prevented with a de-wormer such as Ivomec (injections) or Dectomax. Having an annual visit with your vet will allow this to be part of your health routine, and your piggy will live a mite-free life.   

Norman having a bath!

Norman having a bath!


Your mini pig will need a bath every so often.  When bathing them, it is important that you only use little pig soaps and shampoos. A safe alternative to products made specifically for micro mini pigs, is to use baby soap, shampoos and lotions.  Pig skin does tend to dry out on occasion, so you may want to use a gentle lotion or better yet coconut oil. 


Pigs and other pets

As with any animal, certain individuals get along better with some over others.

 Pigs are “prey” animals and there is no way around that! As with any new introduction between pets it is important that it is done cautiously and carefully in a calm, controlled environment. A lot of “C’s” eh!


Pigs and cats generally get along great, as they are both fairly independent. Pigs and dogs are usually great too, but remember that a dog is a “predator” and they speak a different “language”. Every dog and pig is different, so it is important to supervise your pig and dog until a good relationship has been established. It is recommended however that your Mini Pig and dog be not left alone together. Here at Three Little Pigs we strongly believe in crate training your Mini Pig (and dog too!) when left for extended amounts of time. If this crate training is taught at a young age it will become part of your Mini Pig’s routine and will make them feel secure and safe while you are not home.

Hoof & Tusk Trimming

As with a cat, dog, horse, cow or a number of other animals a pig will need some nail trimming as well! Not trimming their hooves will lead to problems, so it is important to make this part of your pigs semi annual routine. 

Largely the level of testosterone within your Mini Pig determines tusk growth. This hormone is greatly depreciated by the neuter or spay of your Mini Pig. Most times, by the time you take your Mini Piglet home from Three Little Pigs he or she will be altered. Many Mini Pig owner never trim their pig tusks as the growth is so minimal, but if needed a little trim from a vet can be done.