Things to Know

Mini Pigs are certainly a commitment- a responsibility like caring and loving any other pet. Pigs have a similar lifespan to that of a dog, of about 12-16 years of age. Here are some must-have tips to help you understand the care that your Mini Pig will need.  There is a lot to learn, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!



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Health Care

Why Adopt a Mini Pig?

Miniature pigs have become popular household pets in Canada for many reasons.  They are incredibly intelligent and extremely affectionate.  Mini Pigs are clean and are generally easy to care for.  They do not shed and are thought to be hypoallergenic.  They generally get along great with other pets and children. 

When they are well cared for they will probably end up being one of the best pet that you have ever owned.  BUT like any pet, if neglected and un-trained, they can become as challenging as an untrained dog. 

We have found miniature pigs to be wonderful pets with quirky personalities People who have not owned a mini pig are surprised to learn that these piggies are ranked as the planet’s 3rd most intelligent animal (following dolphins and chimpanzees).  That being said, it is important to understand pig personalities before having one as a pet.

  • Mini Pigs are intelligent and loyal and dedicated like a dog yet relaxed and cuddly like a cat.
  • Mini Pigs easily and quickly trained tricks and can be taught to walk on a leash
  • Mini pigs are easily litter box trained. Pigs do not like to be dirty and they keep their bathroom (litter box) completely separated from their eating and sleeping area  
  • Mini pigs do not have a scent IF neutered/spayed
  • Mini Pigs are hypoallergenic pets making them perfect for animal lovers who are allergic to cat or dog hair, and are not prone to fleas
  • Mini Pigs like to eat and eat and eat- your kitchen floor most likely will be spotless at all times!


Warning! With this unique, quirky and wonderful pet you will be sure to attract lots of attention when out and about!

Why not a Mini Pet Pig!

*NOTE* The above video is of a young pig, NOT full-grown